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TheLifeKey - Steve & Linda Blampied. Mind & Body Fitness Coaches
TheLifeKey combines Complementary Therapies with conventional Physical Training and Nutrition, helping you easily expand beyond your limitations and realise your unlimited potential.

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We understand people, how they function, and what it really takes to get them physically and emotionally fit. So whatever your problem we can help you find an answer.

Whether you want to get fit, stop smoking, get relief from anxiety, phobias or chronic pain, have trouble losing weight or have performance issues in sport or business, our unique approach to total mind & body fitness will equip you with the tools to easily move beyond all your problems.

Our comprehensive set of skills, and expert knowledge and experience, allow us to deal with complicated human beings in a “holistic” manner, because we can take account of all the aspects that contribute to a problem.

We’re confident that you won’t find a service quite like ours anywhere else. We work in-person or via Skype, and we offer residential courses on the beautiful Island of Jersey, so wherever you are in the world Contact Us and let us explain how we can help.

Initial consultations by phone/Skype or email are Free, with no commitment, so don’t live with your problem any longer.

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Here are just some of the things we can help with... Achieving Your Potential - Addictions - Agoraphobia - Alcohol Problems - Anger Management - Anorexia - Anxiety - Assertiveness - Blushing - Boosting creativity - Business Performance - Confidence - Depression - Eating Disorders - EFT - Exam Anxiety - Exercise Motivation - Fears and Phobias - Food Issues - Grief - Guilt - Habits - Health Issues - Hypochondria - IBS - Impotence - Improving Concentration - Impulse Buying - Insecurity - insomnia - Jealousy - Learning - Matrix Reimprinting - Meditation - Memory Improvement - Motivational Coaching - Nail Biting - Nutrition - Obsessions - Pain Management - Panic Attacks - Performance Anxiety - Personal Development - Personal Performance - Personal Productivity - Personal Training - Public Speaking - Phobias - Physical Fitness - Positive Thinking - Post Traumatic stress - Procrastination - PSTEC - Rejection - Relationship Problems - Relaxation Techniques - Self Discipline - Self Motivation - Self Sabotage - Self-Esteem - Sexual Issues - Shopping Addiction - Shyness - Smoking - Social Issues - Sports Performance - Stage Fright - Stop Smoking - Stress - Tinnitus - Wedding Nerves - Weight Loss - Workplace Stress - Workplace Wellbeing - Writers Block